Island Life

Malta Beaches : Fomm ir-Rih

One of the perks of living on a small island is the amazing beaches which are worth a visit all year round, especially hidden gems.

One of these hidden beaches is called Fomm ir -Rih, located in the north of the Maltese Islands. It is quite a tricky trail , so make sure to have a good pair of shoes of you are planning to venture down to the pebbled beach.

The beautiful scenery invites you to walk down the trail to a small secluded pebbled beach. This is one of our very own treasures on the Maltese islands. One can visit this beautiful place all year round as it serves as a great hiking trail during the colder seasons.

In honest truth, this beach is not so popular to the locals however, it is becoming more re-known as time passes by. I have personally only been here two times. Although though during the summer season due to the high temperatures, it is turly worth a visit.

Photograph above was taken at sunset, after a peaceful swim near the pebbled beach.


Stay tuned for more amazing beaches to visit on my favourite island I call home!