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Alaska – The Adventure Begins

The first few hours are exciting… but four flights, 30 hours later I feel like a zombie. To top it all off, I feel disgusting. Oh the joys of a long haul flight! My socks are soaked in sweat, I can still smell the drool on my face from the last 15 minute ‘nap’ I had before landing and my hair is a work of art!

A slight tingly feeling of happiness rushes through my body as I see my rucksack, in the abnormal shape of a body bag, making its way towards me on the conveyor belt.  Clock strikes 3a.m at Anchourage airport ….. only two more hours left waiting at the fifth airport to pick up our car and then we could finally start off the best part of the trip. So to kill time, I make my way to the bathroom and try to pamper myself aka wash my teeth and try to blend in my sweaty smell with wet wipes and half a bottle of deodorant! (running low on supplies already..)

5:30 a.m. on the dot .. we’re in the fun mobil making our way to Girdwood after having shoved all our luggage in the trunk. Alaska looked…. normal.

Don’t get me wrong. I had no idea what my surroundings looked like at this point as it was still pitch black outside, but I was expecting something totally different from my home country.

Just a couple of street lights leading our way through the last few hours of the night. Sunrise kicked in…I was left mesmerized.We had just been driving for about 20 minutes when we had to pull over, breathe the fresh air and soak it all in. What lay in front of us was a picture from the movies. I was standing on a bunch of rocks as my eyes settled on the water ripples on the lake that lay in front of me. In the distance, the sun slightly peaked in between the mountains that towered over the lake. At that moment, I knew I was in heaven (not exaggerating!).

We enjoyed the sunrise for a couple of minutes, capturing some photographs to commemorate the first few minutes in Alaska. But then we made our way to our first destination as we were running late and yes, we had a schedule to stick to!

Having had a rough, sleepless nights on planes, we decided to take things slow for the first day. And what better way to relax than to see up close and personal iconic Alaskan animals at  Girwood wild life center. The clear blue sky and the bright sun cheered us onto enjoying the start to this unique experience.

Here are a couple of beautiful creatures we got to see on our first day!

The day was not over yet. We  hopped onto a boat and sailed on a lake to witness one of the hundreds of magnificent glaciers Alaska is known for, called Portage Glacier.  Small icebergs were also floating on the lake.


Fun fact time : Icebergs are actually a product of glaciers. They are a piece of fresh frozen water that falls off a glacier and is left to float freely on open water. You can notice the bright blue colour emitted from the ice berg. No, I did not photoshop the photo to make it look cool. That is true natural beauty. The dense ice of the glacier absorbs  and reflects all the colours of the spectrum when light is emitted onto it. However, the blue light is absorb/ transmitted into the ice. This is why the glacier and ice berg have a blue shade.

As the boat drew closer to the glacier, the air got colder by the minute. The wind was of no help at all as it casually blew cold, freezing air from the glacier onto us, leaving us shivering.

A great beginning to an amazing holiday. I snuggled happily to my pillow, excited for the next day. Who knew this would be one of my favourite days….


  • Savannah Nelson

    This is a wonderful post! I love your photos. I think that the text you provide is the perfect amount; not every post has to go into super detail (most of mine do, and I’m trying to step away from that and mix it up!), and in this case the important details are in the visuals. Great work. By the way, Alaska looks beautiful! I’ve been there once, but only for a weekend, and it was very dark and cold.

    • admin

      Savannah thank you so much for your critical comment and honesty! I would love to grow this blow by personally learning more and develop my writing 🙂

      Alaska is amazing, it’s wilderness and beauty is just breath taking! I guess we were lucky as we had pretty good weather although it was cold.

      Keep in touch xx

  • Roslie

    Great article and lovely images. Alaska has long been on my bucket list and reading your post has me inspired it’s a trip worth prioritizing. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin

      So happy you liked this post 🙂

      You should definitely visit it’s amazing ! ❤️ will be posted about more places soon and the views just keep getting better 🙂

    • Robii Apap

      Thank you so much! More adventures are coming from Alaska. Taking me a while to write down but stick around and keep in touch.
      Hopefully the posts will encourage you to visit 🙂 You should not miss it out! Alaska is amazing

    • Robii Apap

      Thank you so much! I love taking photos while I am abroad, especially here in this magical place. Make sure you visit! You will get to experience the real wilderness